Discover the Management Model Behind World-Class Customer-Centric Companies


Discover the secrets to outperforming competitors and making your organization customers' No 1 choice for building relationships.

The times when successful companies were those that provide the best products, lowest prices or mass distribution capabilities are over. What's more, prevailing times of product-centered companies have led the way to the New Age of Customers, a new era dominated by the customer that compels all organizations around the world to change the way they think and operate.

The effects of the New Age of Customers are dramatic and a cloud of uncertainty has seized organizations' decisions. And if this were not enough, the world seems now full of competitors and customers scarcer than ever.

Now you have the opportunity to respond to some of the most challenging questions of our time and lead your organization's transformation hand in hand with the principles governing the Smart Customer Management Model:

  • The Customer is the most valuable asset of any organization
  • Every effort is needed to build relationships with customers
  • Gathering customer knowledge is crucial to remain competitive
  • A climate of continuous innovation is fundamental to deliver value and meet customers' needs
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and strong leadership are essential to pursuing shared goals

5 Steps to Getting Started

Step 1 - Get Familiar With The Model

Learn the basics behind the Smart Customer Management Model and get prepared for change

You have several ways to get familiar with the Model. You can sign-up and become a member of our customer-centric management community, or you can review our learning materials in the downloads section, or you can even read the book. Either way you and your team will get an introduction to the core ideas and tools behind the Smart Customer Management Model and your organization will get better prepared to ignite change and succeed in the goal of placing the customers at the center of your organization’s thinking.

Step 2- Assess Your Organization’s Maturity Level

Where does your organization stand today? What are the implications of SCM for your business?

The Smart Customer Management Model conveys a life-long improvement and transformation path that affects everything and everyone in your business. Thus you will need to think your customer-centric management strategy carefully, and only after you assess where your business stands today and what aims to achieve. Not all roads to an effective implementation of the Smart Customer Management Model are the same, therefore the final success depends on your business maturity level and commitment for change.

Step 3 - Plan Next Actions

The organization’s commitment to long-term results and business success

Your business Smart Customer Management strategy is not a simple statement of intentions or someone’s "happy idea of the month". Instead, it’s made up of a well thought plan of actions to lead the organization to the next level of customer relationships and results. A plan that shares common goals with and is pushed by all members of the organization.

Step 4 - Train Yourself & Your People

Spread the knowledge and expertise that your people need

Customer knowledge and people’s ability to respond to customer’s needs is what makes your business competitive today. For the Smart Customer Management Model, people’s capabilities are a critical success factor. Not only must people hold industry expertise, but also strong commitment and motivation to pursue the customer's goals and share the same values. Without the proper training, your organization will waste time and money. Check our Training Program here.

Step 5 - Start Implementing the Smart Customer Management Model

One small step at a time, one giant leap for your business

Your business is now ready to bring to practice long-awaited ideas and customer-centric practices with the help of the Smart Customer Management Model. Focus first on pilot projects that unveil growth opportunities and deliver results, then be ambitious and spread customer-centric practices across your organization. Remember the Model implementation process never ends, so don’t get stuck in results and start all over again periodically.

About Smart Customer Management is the official HUB of the Smart Customer Management Model and community. We strive to bring you the best practices and training to successfully address the challenges of the New Age of Customers. The benefits your organization may obtain by following the ideas and strategies of Smart Customer Management are huge and decisive for future growth.