Announcing My New Course “Project Management for Customer-Centered Companies”

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new course “Project Management for Customer-Centered Companies”. The course is now available through the Udemy learning platform.

This is a 3-hours, 51-lectures, intermediate level course, where students are going to learn a method, called MEMODI, to effectively implement their ncustomer-centered strategy or customer-centered improvement project.

MEMODI is a structured set of best practices from top performing companies around the world, covering the fundamental steps anyone responsible for or working in the implementation of a customer-centered strategy should never miss.

With its ability to provide you with the best pace for the implementation of a customer-centered strategy, MEMODI will become an invaluable tool for the successful implementation of your customer-centered initiative and help you achieve your organizational goals.

At course completion, serious learners will be able to seamlessly manage the lifecycle of a customer-centered strategy and/or improvement project, and lead a team of people to effectively implement a customer-centered strategy or project.

As always, I’m looking forward to hearing from your feedback. Use the promo code for a 16% off discount: PM-SCM16

Click here to access the course


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