Best Practices

Know-How To Deliver Superior Results

Building a higher customer-centric capability involves outstanding commitment to drive continuous transformation and deliver long-lasting results.

The Best Practices synthesize what successful organizations are doing to cope with the customer-centric challenge. They will strengthen your know-how by guiding you through the Smart Customer Management Model 24 key transformation process areas.




IPM- Improvement Project Management

DESMA- Delivery System Management

CURM- Customer Requirements Management

CUDGA- Customer Data Gathering and Analysis

TAD- Training and Development

COCO- Communication and Coordination

MIPMA- Model Implementation Program Management

DESDE- Delivery System Development

CUKMA- Customer Knowledge Management

CIRP- Complaints and Incident Resolution and Prevention

PASI- Product and Service Integration

CUEX- Customer Experience

OSA- Organizational Structure Alignment

CUST- Customer Focused Training

COLCU- Collaborative Culture

SOLMA- Solution Management

CUVAM- Customer Value Management

TEM- Total Experience Management

ISI- Information Systems Integration

COMA- Competency Management

CUMA- Customization Management

COPIN- Continuous Open Innovation

ENCU- Entrepreneurial Culture

PERMA- Performance Management

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