Getting Started

A Journey to Improve Your Customer-Centric Capability

It all starts when you decide to make your customers your main source of competitive advantage.

The brilliance of the Smart Customer Management Model is that it tells you what you need to do to achieve your organisation’s goals and gives you the freedom to determine how exactly you do it, while at the same time your organization focus on the customer.

Adopting the Model means a significant leap ahead for the organization. Not only involves an organization-wide transformation, but also a cultural shift at every level. This is why embracing the guidelines set in the Model is more than just following a certification process.

Gaining a Smart Customer Management Certification will provide you with the following benefits:

  • A Maturity Level, with a clear path on how to improve
  • Ability to compare with other organizations
  • Integration with other corporate strategies and transformation initiatives
  • An independently held set of best practices that is constantly reviewed and updated
  • Empowerment of employees and recognition from customers and partners

Improve your capability

No matter what size your company is, the industry you operate in, or whether you are taking the firsts step or are already working within a customer-centered management approach. The Smart Customer Management Model brings you an evolutionary path to continuously improve your customer-centric capability.

Assess maturity

Many companies find that assessing their customer-centric management maturity level is the perfect way to understand the key processes that need to be embedded to achieve the next level of maturity and deliver the full benefits of using the Smart Customer Management Model.

Certificate your achievement

Any organization assessed by one authorized consulting organization may opt for a certificate. A Smart Customer Management certification provides the company the ability to compare its Maturity Level with other organizations independently verified and certified, and proudly comunicate achievement to the world.

Beyond certification

But having gained Smart Customer Management recognition is just the beginning. From now on, your company is eligible for the next levels of certification.

Whether it’s improving next maturity level process areas, developing new practices or implementing more sophisticated IT tools, the Smart Customer Management Model is a continuous journey of improvement. Read more about the Model here.

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