The Model

Improve and Assess Your Customer-Centric Maturity Level

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What Makes the SCM Model So Unique?

It's The Only Management Framework Focused On The Customer

The Smart Customer Management Model is the first management framework in the marketplace that is focused entirely on improving your organization's customer-centric capability and the only one that integrates in a single and holistic framework all the goals, processes and tools an organization must commit to successfully transform itself into a customer-centered company.

Features 5 Evolutionary Maturity Levels

The Smart Customer Management Model is a staged framework that guides organizations through a series of organizational and cultural transformations, each of which supports the deployment of more sophisticated and mature customer-centered processes. The improvements achieved at each level of maturity prepare the organization for adopting more customer-oriented processes at the next level.

Builds On 24 Improvement Process Areas

The Smart Customer Management Model involves the development of capable customer-centered organizations as a process that can be implemented in stages as the organization matures. By concentrating on implementing the Model's 24 process areas, organizations can steadily improve their customer-centered strategies and make lasting gains in their business performance and competitiveness.

The Company Has Freedom To Choose the Best Implementation Path

The Smart Customer Management Model guides organizations in selecting the best implementation path based on the current maturity of their processes. However, the Model's final implementation path depends solely on the company's particular circumstances and objectives, and is the organization’s choice.

Supporting Practices And Tools Are An Integral Part Of The Model

Practices are the specific methods and techniques used for the thorough execution of the Model's process areas. Tools provide critical support to the process areas. Without the adequate mix of practices and tools, the organization’s processes will never deliver the expected outcome and the organization will not be able to climb up the maturity levels ladder.

The Model Encompasses A Project Management and Program Management Methodology

The Model provides a methodology for turning the improvements made in the process areas into results by setting up a controlled and well-managed program management and project management environment. This methodology, known as MEMODI, contains the core set of activities that should not be left apart when planning for or working on the implementation of the Smart Customer Management Model.

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